The Ultimate Guide to Butt and Breast Enhancement Without Surgery

Introduction: Surgical Options

Cosmetic Surgeries, like any invasive medical procedures, can come with serious and alarming risks. Surgery does not only pose threats to your physical health, but it also affects the mental, social, emotional, and financial aspects of your life.

Your desire for aesthetic improvements to your body rarely requires going under the knife. However if you do choose the surgical route, you should keep in mind that there are wide range of actions that you must strictly follow during months before and after your surgery. And despite careful compliance with these pre-and-post surgery instructions, there is still the possibility of complications and risks that can happen as a result of the procedure.

Common physical complications and risks that are enumerated by WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and Forbes include:

  • Breathing problems and faster heartbeat
  • Blood clotting and incision site infection that may both require follow-up surgery
  • Fatigue, nausea, dizziness
  • Confusion/delirium
  • Pneumonia
  • Seroma or fluid buildup under the skin that requires drains
  • Mild to excessive bleeding
  • Obvious scarring or skin breakdown
  • Numbness and tingling from nerve damage, which may be permanent
  • Necrosis or tissue death from surgical manipulation

Cost of Surgery

According to Time Magazine, nearly $13 billion is spent on cosmetic surgeries in the United States, where both liposuction and breast enlargement are consistently the most in-demand procedures. Over 15 million cosmetic procedures were performed in 2014.

With all the figures above, you may ask, “how much does it cost to undergo through these beauty-related surgeries?”.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons also reported average costs for breast and buttocks enhancements in 2014. These are as follows:

  • Breast implant removal – $2,330
  • Breast augmentation surgery – $3,708
  • Breast lift – $4,377
  • Buttock augmentation with fat grafting – $4,077
  • Buttock lift – $4,509
  • Buttock implants – $4,580

Apart from the fees that are listed above, there may be additional costs for anesthesia, facilities, tests, post-surgery garments, prescriptions, special pillows required for recovery, and more. You can expect for the rates to increase from 50% to 100%.

Worst Case Possibilities

Even though it is reported that death is a rare risk of surgery, it does not mean that it cannot happen to you. Surgeons still warn their patients about the complications and risks that might occur.

There are proven cases of patients who experienced brain damage, and worse, death, after and during surgery. Fox News quoted Miami Herald’s findings that there were 46 deaths related to surgeries done in cosmetic offices and clinics in South Florida from 2000-2010.

Aside from the obvious physical complications, you should not forget your mental, social, emotional, and financial states after your surgery. Forbes enumerated more hidden side effects of cosmetic surgeries that you may encounter:

  • Body Imbalance – Altering a body area may change your other surrounding body features. For instance, when you undergo a nose job, it can change the look of your lips on your overall face proportion. With this body imbalance, you can point out new problem areas after surgery.
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) – This is a psychological disorder that can make you extremely worried and concerned about your body flaws which are most possibly not even noticeable to others.. With this condition, you may develop an obsession with trying to have almost all your body parts fixed. You may also develop BDD from body imbalance after a surgery.
  • Tension in Relationships – Some men misunderstand women’s purposes in undergoing these procedures. They view this very negatively, and they feel like their female partner are already dissatisfied with their relationship with them and are trying to make themselves more appealing to attract other men.
  • Damaging Reactions from Peers, Colleagues, and Family – There are cases when patients who underwent cosmetic surgeries go back to their specialists to have their procedure reversed due to the negative reactions and gossips they receive from their friends, co-workers, families, or loved-ones.
  • Disappointment and Depression – You may suffer strong disappointment when your expectations aren’t met after your recovery.  If something goes wrong or turns out differently from what you were expecting during or after your surgery, you may experience a blow in your self-esteem. A facial plastic surgeon and professor at Boston University stated that patients slipping into a depression after a surgery are common. It can be temporary or severe.
  • Financial Issues – No one can assure you that your surgery will turn out as planned. You might face financial issues due to the expensive and unpredictable prices of these procedures. Unexpected costs might also arise when additional surgeries are suddenly required.
  • Effect on Children’s Body Image Perception – A teenage child may develop a skewed image of beauty when a family member undergoes cosmetic surgery. This may also affect their confidence or behavior.

Once you become obsessed with your body’s so-called flaws and desire to get an “instant fix” with cosmetic surgery, you should prepare to face all financial, emotional, mental, physical, and social risks that come with it.

Breast enhancement horror stories

One common breast enhancement procedure is the insertion of saline and silicone breast implants. Unfortunately, this is associated with complications such as leakage, swelling, capsular contracture, scar formation from the incision area, among others.


Breast implants, with their limited life expectancy, are removed or replaced over time. The more the implant ages, the more you are at risk of the complications.

Breast Augmentation Surgery and A Teenager’s Death

In 2008, an 18-year old senior high school student named Stephanie Kuleba died after she suffered a complication from her breast augmentation surgery. The teenager decided to undergo through the procedure to correct an inverted areola and asymmetrical breasts. ABC News exposed the doctor’s findings that her cause of death was malignant hyperthermia — which was triggered by the anesthesia used in the above-mentioned surgery Stephanie underwent through.


An 18-Year Old’s Post-Surgery Brain Damage

In 2016, Fox News featured the story of Linda Perez who fell into a coma five minutes after her breast augmentation surgery. She was in a comatose state for two weeks and suffered severe brain damage that resulted in her inability to speak or move.

Three years after her surgery and complication, she can only speak limited words and still can’t stand long or walk. Her doctor, Dr. Mario Alberto Diaz, who turned out to be a convicted felon for the illegal online sale of pills, is currently still allowed to practice medicine after a settlement in the Perez case.


Women with Implants and Breast Cancer

A systematic review of 12 studies presented that 1000 women with implants who developed breast cancer found out that they had a 26% higher risk of being diagnosed late when their condition is already advanced.
Meanwhile, an analysis of five studies that involved over 600 women with implants who developed breast cancer divulged an amplified death rate of 38%.
These studies were published in the British Medical Journal conducted in northern Europe, US, and Canada. Other studies found no link that’s why it is still allowed today.


Coma to Death

Another case investigated by ABC News is Julie Rubenzer’s breast enlargement horror. Attracted by the good reviews and information on her doctor’s website, this 38-year old woman showed up in his clinic in September 2003.

After about two hours of the surgery, she suffered cardiac arrest. She was not given proper emergency treatment, and by the time she was rushed to the hospital by the paramedics, she was already in a coma. She never woke up and died the day after Christmas, at her family’s home.  


You should keep in mind that choosing breast enhancement surgeries to improve your body shape requires lifetime monitoring that includes removal and replacements. We also emphasize that results aren’t guaranteed despite the costs and risks.


Butt enhancement horror stories

Featured by NBC News, Dr. Constantino Mendieta, a well-known Miami surgeon, said that butt augmentation skyrocketed from about 10% of his practice a decade ago to 95% in 2015. Fat grafting, a butt enhancement procedure that transplants fat that was removed from other parts of your body, continues to trend even with a 30% complication rate. The president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Scott Glasberg, credits its popularity to media. However, be cautious. What you see in the media may not always be true. Below are some stories of buttocks augmentation surgeries that had gone wrong.

Pulmonary Embolism and Buttocks Augmentation

CNN posted an article in 2009 about Solange Magnano, a 37-year old former Miss Argentina beauty queen, who died after complications from her buttocks surgery. She was transferred from the clinic where she underwent the procedure to the hospital, where her life ended.

Medical findings showed that her death was caused by a pulmonary embolism which is a blockage of the blood supply to the lungs — which was caused by the fat/silicon injected in her butt.

A similar case was experienced by Evita Sarmonikas, a 29-year-old woman who took a flight to Mexico from Australia for her butt implant procedure. She died just after her operation due to pulmonary embolism and the lack of oxygen caused by internal bleeding.

Fat Clots and Lipid Transfer Complications

On May 2016, a 29-year-old mother of two named Heather Meadows from West Virginia died from fat clots of the lungs and heart and lipid transfer complications following her buttocks cosmetic surgery.  Encore Plastic Surgery, the clinic where the woman suffered the above-mentioned complications, has a history of previous patient deaths and injuries.

Brazilian TV Host and Model and Two Hospitalizations in a Year

A Brazilian TV host and model named Andressa Urach, was hospitalized twice in 2015 due to her butt injections. This 2012 Miss BumBum’s runner up was rushed to the hospital in early 2015, when her body reacted fatally to the chemicals that were injected in her. She died, was revived, and spent a month in an intensive care unit. The chemicals were drained and left huge holes in her thighs, legs, and butt.


A few months after, she began experiencing severe inflammation on her left butt and thigh, which led to another emergency surgery to drain the remaining chemicals from the infected area.

Unlicensed Butt Enhancement and Multiple Amputations

Apryl Michelle Brown is a hair stylist from LA who underwent a butt enhancement procedure. She didn’t know that the practitioner was unlicensed, and so she allowed her to painfully inject her with silicone. To add up to her horror, the practitioner injected her with bathroom sealant, instead of silicone, without her approval.

After her second set of injections, she realized something was wrong. The area near the injections began to discolor and itch, and became extremely painful. She was brought to the hospital for medical attention, where after a series of tests, doctors have pronounced that she only have 24 hours left to live due to the infection. They induced her into a coma to carry out 27 operations to save her life. She woke up with no pain, but also without her butt, lower arms, and lower legs.

After her buttocks and quadruple amputation, Apryl is now dedicated in teaching women about the dangers of the desire for cosmetic perfection and vanity.


Researching the clinic or hospital, as well as the procedure itself, is crucial to give you peace of mind. Even though you can avoid ineligible surgeons and clinics, the results can still be unpredictable. The complications, risks, maintenance checks, and costs may still be dependent on your body’s unique reaction to the surgery which can be beyond the control of both you and your doctor.

Surgery should be your last resort

After we presented the cosmetic surgery costs, risks, complications, and real life horror stories, are you still considering it for your body enhancement? We have a firm belief that your safety should be your utmost concern.

Going under the knife and risking your life just to enhance your butt and breasts are choices that should be done with thorough research and analysis. No matter how expensive your chosen procedure or surgeon is, this still gives no guarantee that it will be a risk-free success.

Why take the financial and life risk when you can enhance your body without any surgery?

Breast Enhancement

What makes great breasts

A study published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery exposed that 1,315 respondents’ breast preferences are associated with the following:

  • Real and normal looking
  • Slightly tear drop shape
  • 45:55 ratio, where the breasts have 45% of the fullness above the nipple line and 55% of the fullness below


These findings remained consistent despite the differences in race, ethnicity, and gender among the chosen respondents. The 45:55 ratio was chosen by:

  • 87% of 190 women in their thirties
  • 90% of 655 men
  • 94% of 53 plastic surgeons
  • 92% of 89 North Americans
  • 95% of 23 South Americans
  • 86% of 982 Europeans
  • 87% of 1016 Caucasians, and
  • 87% of 209 Asians


Similar results were gathered in a study published in the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The London-based plastic surgeon behind this five-year study, Patrick Mallucci, discussed that nearly 1,500 of his respondents from diverse genders, ages, and nationalities shared a noteworthy agreement on what they consider as the best pair of breasts.

Their favored physical features are as follows:

  • Has the 45:55 ratio
  • The breast contour, from the chest wall to the nipple, is characterized by a straight slope or a very slight outward curve
  • Nipples have a 20-degree elevation
  • Has a tight convex lower contour, from the nipple to the base fold of the chest


One of the most common motivations for a breast enhancement procedure is a boost in confidence and sexuality. Women may still have their unique standards in defining their ideal breast shape or size. With society’s changing views on what’s beautiful, the concept of a “great breast” also changes over time.


Breast enhancement is possible without surgery

Fortunately, you can still improve your breasts’ size even with non-surgical methods. Below, we will discuss how you can attain your goals with safe and natural methods and techniques.

Workouts/exercise which enhance breasts

There are numerous workouts that can enhance the size of your breasts by adding strength and firmness to your pectoral muscles, which are situated at the chest. These does not only benefit your breasts, but also your overall health.

Chest Press (3 sets of 15 reps)

Photo Credit: The Psychology of Fitness


This is done by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Hold a five-pound dumbbell in each hand. Bend your elbows in a 90-degree angle and align it with your shoulders. Move your shoulder blades back and down.


Extend your arms, raise your dumbbells upwards while squeezing your abdominals in. Lower the dumbbells down to your first position to complete one rep. Repeat.

This can also be done on an inclined board or bench.

Push-up (3 sets of 15 reps)

Photo Credit: The Fat Loss Ninja


Perform a high plank position by placing your hands firmly on the floor directly under your shoulders. Ensure that your body is in a straight line and that you tighten and contract your legs’ muscles. Draw your belly button in by squeezing and tightening your abs.

Lower your body focusing on keeping your back and a neutral neck. Once you are parallel to the floor, push back till you reach your first high plank position. Repeat steps.

Wall Press (2 sets of 10 reps)


Photo Credit: Women’s Running


Stand about two feet away from the wall then place your arms against the wall at shoulder level. Lean carefully toward the wall using the muscles on your arms and chest until your chest or chin is almost touching the wall. Pause for 1-2 seconds, then push back to extend your arms. Repeat.

Chair Dip (at least 1 set of 6-8 reps)

Photo Credit: Sean Flanagan Fitness & Nutrition


Sit down on the edge of a stable chair, facing away from the chair. Place your hands behind your hips, shoulder width apart. Walk your feet forward, lifting your butt off the chair.

Ensure that your hands are secure and stable by gripping on the edge of the chair. Slowly lower your body downward making sure that your elbows won’t bend lower than a 90-degree angle. Then, raise your body upward and support your weight by extending your arms.

Chest Pass (4 sets of 20 reps)

Photo Credits: Gaining the Athletic Edge


Lie down on the floor with your face up, knees bent and feet flat while holding a medicine ball aligned with your chest. Keep your lower back pressed into the floor and your abs engaged. Throw the ball straight up as high as possible and catch with straight arms. Immediately bring it back to your chest and repeat at a quick pace.

Single-Arm Chest Press (4 sets of 8 reps)


Photo Credit: Lean It Up


Lie your back down on an exercise ball with a dumbbell in your right hand. Raise your hips so that your body will form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Hold the dumbbell at your chest level and draw your shoulder blades down, giving your neck more space.

Press the dumbbell straight up and then lower it back down to your chest without moving any body part other than your arm. Repeat until you finish your required number of reps per set. Repeat on the other side to complete your first set.

Butterfly Press (3 sets of 12 reps)


Photo Credit: Ana Maria Oprea


Grab your dumbbells, sit upright, then put your arms all the way out from the sides of your body. Extend the weights straight out in front of your chest using your pectoral muscles.

You can also use gym machines that are designed for this particular exercise.


Renegade Row (4 sets of 8 reps)

Photo Credit: Thrive with Jen Sinkler


Hold one dumbbell on each arm then get into a plank position, keeping your arms straight. Make sure that your dumbbells are directly below your shoulders and that your feet are slightly wider than your hip width.

While keeping your hips steady, bend your left elbow and lift the weight up to the chest. Maintain a close distance between your elbows and your body. Slowly lower it back to your starting position and repeat on your right side to complete your one rep.

Rear Lateral Raise (4 sets of 20 reps)


Photo Credit: Women’s Health Magazine


Stand up with your feet hip-width apart while you are holding dumbbells with palms facing forward. Gently bend your knees, shift your hips back, bring your torso close to parallel with the floor. Your dumbbells should be close together in front of you and your legs.

Raise your arms straight out to your sides up to shoulder height without moving your upper body. Pause for a second then slowly return to your starting position.

Dumbbell flyes for chest (3-4 sets of 10 reps)

Photo Credit:


Lie on a flat or inclined bench with your dumbbells, one on each hand. Start with your dumbbells raised over the chest, arms straight, with your palms facing each other.

Carefully separate your arms and bring down your weights to your sides, keeping your elbows slightly bent, until they are almost aligned with your chest. Then, bring them back up to your starting position.


In addition to the above, there are also various yoga poses that encourage breast enhancement. These are Bhujangasana, Dwikonasana, Sajah Stabdhasana, Stabdhasana, and Ushtasana.

You can also try to maintain a proper and erect posture to give an appearance of larger breasts while improving your back’s health. Having a correct posture is also believed to be effective in improving your confidence.

Diets which enhance breasts

There are numerous all-natural foods that contribute to breast enlargement. From fruits, vegetables, smoothies, herbs, and dairy products, you have a lot to choose from.

Even though there is no clinically-proven evidence of their effectiveness, there are still several claims from women that these foods, backed with scientifically-based explanations, helped them grow their bust sizes. Examples are:

  • Beans, peas, apples, cherries, tomatoes, pomegranates –improves estrogen production that can increase your breast growth.
  • Radish – is said to enhance the blood flow to the local tissues around your breasts. It also has rich astringent properties.
  • Dairy Products –  fat-rich yet nutritious, dairy helps in increasing the breast size. Regulation is still recommended.
  • Wild Yam – known as prosperous in phytonutrients also contributes to increased estrogen production that promotes the enlargement of breasts.
  • Fennel Seeds – containing high levels of flavonoids, these increase the body’s estrogen level and stimulate the growth of breasts’ dimension.
  • Fenugreek and Red Clover – both contain phytoestrogens that may enhance the size and keep the firmness of your breasts.


While there are foods that can increase your chances of enhancing your breasts’ sizes, you should also keep in mind that others can reduce your body’s estrogen production. Examples are coffee, chocolates, sugary drinks, broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower, among others.

Supplements which enhance breasts

Another option for your increased breast size journey is taking oral vitamins/supplements. Like all the natural methods for enhancing your breasts, these are way less expensive and less risky than surgical procedures.

Vitamin supplements are the safest we recommend as these do not only focus on breast development but are also providing numerous benefits for your overall health. You can take multivitamins that contain:

  • Vitamin A & E – These vitamins contribute to healthy skin production, thus preventing the effects of aging. These vitamins can help keep your breasts firm and prevent it from sagging and forming wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C – This helps in collagen production which can contribute to the toning of your bust line. This vitamin is also important in muscle growth, which can be beneficial for your breast-enhancing workouts for best results. Vitamin C also keeps your breast tissue hydrated which makes them appear fuller.
  • Vitamin B6 – This vitamin helps in maintaining great cardiovascular health through blood circulation. Apart from this health benefit, it also stimulates breast growth.


Most breast enlargement supplements also include safe and natural herbs that are associated with breast development stimulation. Common herbs included in these supplements are the following:

  • Saw palmetto
  • Dong Quai
  • Damiana
  • Wild yam
  • Pueraria Mirifica
  • Marshmallow root
  • Watercress leaf
  • Blessed thistle


To maximize the effectiveness of these supplements, it is recommended that you avoid taking weight loss pills as it can affect and decrease your breast size.


Clothing/fashion to enhance appearance

One of the most risk-free ways in enhancing your breast appearance is by mastering the art of fashion. By choosing the right style of clothes, you can boost the appearance of your breast size.


A vast array of shapewear bras and bodysuits are already available in the market. A cosmetic plastic surgeon named Dr. Rober Rey also created his own line of padded bras and bodysuits that mimic surgery adjustments.

Well-known models and celebrities emphasize the need to choose the best inner wear depending on your outerwear. You should also use only those which are a perfect fit for your body.

Finding the right bra for your needs and body type is a well-known solution for achieving a great look for your breasts. There are also great choices of push-up bras available today.

In addition to shapewear, lingerie professionals also recommend the use of “cookies and cutlets.” These are silicone pads that can be pasted outside the portions of the breasts to give them a better lift and a deeper cleavage. You can also paste them high on your nipples while covering it to give your breasts an upward shape.


Selecting the right type of clothes can create an illusion of your increased breast size. Below, we have enumerated tips you can consider when choosing what clothes to wear that will enhance your breast appearance.

  • Wear V-neck tops or tops with ruffled neck lines.
  • Explore on buying clothes that decrease your waistline. Strapless dresses with heart-shaped busts and empire waistlines can draw more attention to your breasts.
  • Avoid wide straps that pin down your breasts.
  • Play with color and texture combination. Pleating can add volume, and dark colors can create depth.
  • Go for fit dresses and those with structured or underwired cups.


Some women also use makeup in contouring their breasts. If you want to do the same, you can brush and blend a highlighter on the upper-breast area and use a bronzer in between your breasts to improve the appearance of your cleavage’s depth. The key for it to look natural is to blend well.

Top models’ makeup artists sometimes use self-tanning body sprays to create the breast contour. Prices of great makeup products start from an estimated price of $18.

Buttocks Enhancement

What makes great buttocks

Even in early history, women’s buttocks have always been a symbol of beauty and fertility. Exaggeration of statues’ hips, thighs, and buttocks are already existent in early 24,000 BC.


There has always been changing views on the ideal buttocks’ shape and size. More commonly, people prefer heart-shaped buttocks which can be described with these features:

  • Firm round butt cheeks
  • Bottom curve of each cheek is rounded
  • Inner curve of each cheek is slightly rounded

A recent study titled “Redefining the Ideal Buttocks: A Population Analysis” was published in PubMed in 2016. A total of 489 respondents, 482 women, and 507 men were asked about their preferences for ideal buttocks.

The results show that the new ideal waist-to-hip ratios from respondents of different ages, ethnicities, and genders, are 0.6 and 0.65. This indicates a curvier and more dramatic preference.

Butt enhancement is possible without surgery

Buttocks, just like your breasts, can be enlarged without going under the knife. There is a wide range of workout choices you can choose from. Below are our recommendations, derived from experts and from thorough studies.

Workouts/exercise which enhance butt

WebMD recommends the following:

Pre-workout: Aerobics

Aerobics exercises are recommended before your workout. Examples of these that are great for your buttocks are: walking hills or a 5% to 7% inclined treadmill, climbing stairs, a stair machine or an elliptical or arc trainer, and skating.

Squats (3 sets of 10-15 reps)

Photo Credit: Produto Seguro


Stand with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your hips without letting your knees go out past in front your toes. Engage your abdominals and keep your back straight.

These have a lot of different versions of squats such as plie squats, jump squats, ball/wall squats, and more. You can also add hand-held barbells or dumbbells to maximize your workout.

Lunges (3 sets of 10-15 reps)


Photo Credits: Women’s Health Magazine


Begin with standing with your feet parallel and hip-distance apart. Take a huge step forward, slowly lowering your body and bending both knees. Then, return to your original position and make a huge step backward. Again, slowly lower your body while bending your knees.


Your knees should be no farther than 90 degrees. Keep your front knee aligned over your front ankle. Step your feet back together, then repeat.

Advanced moves may add hops, weights, medicine balls, and more. Examples of some of the varieties of lunges are:

  • Alternating lunges
  • Stationary lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • Walking lunges

Bridges (3 sets of 10-15 reps)


Photo Credit: Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy


Lie on your back with your knees bent, your hands on your sides, and both palms and feet flat on the floor. Your feet should be hip-width apart. Slowly lift your back off the floor, tightening your glutes and the back of the thighs, until you’ve created a diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees. Carefully return to your first position, and repeat.


Other butt-enhancing workouts are side leg raises, hip and leg lifts on a stability ball, dirty dogs, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, hip extension, deadlifts, and other cardio, strength, and resistance training exercises.

Diets which enhance butt

You can maximize your targeted workouts by eating the right type of food. Since you are focusing on building muscles in your chest and buttocks, we recommend eating a balanced diet from macro-nutrient sources. This will enable you to reduce the fat over your gluteal muscles and will also stimulate and enhance muscle development from your food intake.

You can have a wide variety of foods to choose from. There are a lot of healthy sources of fat, protein, carbohydrates, amino-acids, and antioxidants that are great for building these muscles. Some examples of these that can enhance your butt mass and size are the following:

  • Quinoa
  • Chicken breasts
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Protein shakes
  • Almond butter
  • Tomatoes
  • Beans
  • Spinach
  • And a whole lot more

Supplements which enhance butt

Just like breast-enlargement supplements, the common ingredients of butt enhancers are natural and safe estrogen boosters like fenugreek, pueraria mirifica, dong quai, saw palmetto, and fennel seeds.

In addition to that, there is a famous ingredient that can be found in Peru called Maca. Supplements with Maca root usually come in powder and pill forms. Apart from its butt enhancing effects, it also provides numerous benefits. Maca also increases your stamina, which is really good since it helps you endure and last longer when you’re doing your workouts.

Clothing/fashion to enhance butt appearance

The key to enhancing your butt’s appearance is through learning how to accentuate your rear asset through choosing the proper type and style of your clothes.

Luckily, when you are exerting efforts in creating illusions of a bigger butt, you are also increasing your breasts’ appearance. This is because dressing up to enlarge both your breasts and butts have something in common, and that is focusing on making your waist appear smaller.

There are diverse butt sizes and shapes to consider, but we summarized recommendations that can help you enhance your butt’s appearance:

  • Wear slim fitting cocktail dresses, as it makes your upper body appear smaller while amplifying your lower body.
  • WebMD suggested the use of boot-cut and flared jeans as these can balance your hips and butt.
  • Avoid long pant legs as they can make your booty smaller, as well as super-long back pockets which can make your buttocks look saggy or flat.
  • Wear a shapewear to slim down your waist and emphasize your butt.
  • You can also wear padded underwear (also called butt enhancer) or jeans/jeggings with butt lift features.

Conclusion: Key takeaways

For your cosmetic need of enlarging your breasts and buttocks, we highly recommend choosing nonsurgical methods to avoid risks and complications that could last a lifetime, or worst, could lead to death.

You have to very carefully consider the life and financial risks you have to take when going under the knife for something that does not threaten your health. Luckily, you have natural, safe, and effective ways to choose from.

There are targeted workouts such as chest presses, squats, lunges, which you can do at the gym, or even in your home. To maximize the results, you should support it with healthy food intake, vitamin/oral supplements, as well as styling and choosing clothes that can accentuate your features. By doing these, not only will you achieve an enhanced breast and butt appearance, you will also enjoy the following benefits:


  • Increased body stamina
  • Lowering the risk of other diseases
  • Self-esteem boost
  • Clarity of mind
  • And more

We strongly believe that selecting these natural strategies is the best choice for your overall well-being. We emphasize that the result of a surgery is unpredictable, along with the costs that come with it. No one can guarantee your safety or even your satisfaction after the procedure.

Are you willing to pay huge sums of money or even risk your life for your butt and breast size goals?